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    • Daily maintenance of net belt conveyer
    • Editor:Shanghai law yao machinery equipment co., LTD  Time:2015-7-11 21:26:21
    • 1, the net belt conveyer in the work process should have the permanent staff to look after.

      2, the enterprise should develop the conveyor should be "equipment maintenance, maintenance, safety operation procedures" in order to keep the personnel to observe.

      3, the belt conveyor to the material should be uniform, not to feed too much and make the feeding hopper is filled with material and overflow.

      4, in the course of the work, the non guard personnel shall not be close to the machine; any person shall not touch any rotating parts. When a failure occurs, the machine must stop immediately and eliminate the faults. If there is no immediate elimination of the defects, the work shall be recorded and eliminated.

      5, the custody of the conveyor, should always observe the operation of the various parts, check all the connecting bolts, found loose in time to tighten, but absolutely prohibit the operation of the conveyor, the conveyor running parts for cleaning and repair.

      6, the tail assembly of the screw tensioning device should be adjusted to maintain the conveyor belt with a normal work. The care staff should always observe the work of the conveyor belt, the local damage, should be considered the extent of damage (whether the impact on production) and decide whether to replace or to repair the new.

      7, the custody of the belt conveyor is to observe its working state, cleaning, lubrication and inspection and adjustment of the screw tensioning device and so on.

      8, the net belt conveyer in general situation should start in the no-load, when the material is unloaded.

      9, in addition to the use of the process of maintaining normal lubrication and removal of individual damaged parts, each work 6 months must be a comprehensive overhaul.

      10, the enterprise can according to the working conditions of the conveyor to develop maintenance cycle.

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