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    • Garment enterprises to introduce automation equipment to ease the shortage of labor
    • Editor:Shanghai law yao machinery equipment co., LTD  Time:2015-7-11 21:26:21
    • The grim situation of "labor shortage" become the now garment enterprises upgrading production equipment has propelled agent of investment to introduce automated production equipment has become the choice of good apparel producers.

      In the face of fierce market competition and rising labor costs, how to reduce the manpower, improve the efficiency of automatic production has become a top priority, enterprise to high-tech, automation and environmental protection and energy saving and other advanced production equipment demand is greatly increased. In fact, large enterprise equipment upgrades early, benefits, workers gradually to these advantages, although labor shortage, but large enterprises are lack of workers. , to fill the shortage of workers, this year we must will be a part of the machine replaced equipment mechanical and electrical integration of the and other money can Province, the money can't be saved. "Hung Sheng Tianjin Garment Co., Ltd., general manager of Fu Yanying announced to the press that her latest decision. It is not difficult to see that the grim situation of" labor shortage "has become the current garment enterprises upgrading production equipment has propelled agent, in spite of automated production equipment for garment producers and nothing new. In 2010, Ningbo nuobuer Garments Co., Ltd. all of a sudden purchased 34 sets of full automatic computerized flat knitting machine, with a total investment of more than 1000 million." this is Company in the last year, the largest single one-time expenses. "Zhu Xudong, assistant to the general manager of the company recently in an interview with reporters said. It is reported that the company already was not the first time to buy automatic computer flat knitting machine by. So far, the company has a total allocation of 50 sets of automatic Stoll computerized flat knitting machine and 12 domestic Chee sing full-automatic computerized flat knitting machine. Nevertheless, zhuxudong still said:" this year, we will continue to financed the purchase of German Stoll full-automatic computerized flat knitting machine and other imported production equipment, in order to further enhance the competition ability of the enterprise. "Previously, Dalang town of many small and medium-sized textile enterprises, the is hand machine and self Belt conveyor production workshop, the former every need with a worker, which each of the two need a worker. And now the computer flat knitting machine, a worker can also look at 6-8 and Taiwan, its cost and production advantages, the advantages and disadvantages clear. Not only small and medium private knitted garment enterprises keen to purchase automated machinery, are renowned for their large-scale production to win the big business is so. According to the Youngor dyed Technology Co., Ltd., deputy general manager of Ding Kaizheng, early starting in 2008, Youngor is already gradually buy the 120 sets of various styles of automatic computerized flat knitting machine. The current, Ding Kaizheng is busy with company related to automation Another big upgrade,. Which is a great thing, the company decided in garment production workshop in purchase and install a modernization of "knitting automation hanging system". The system equipment, at least to spend more than 1000 million yuan of funds. But after installed, the garments efficiency to at least can increased by 25%. This also means that, companies in this regard the employment pressure will greatly reduce the. "Ding Kaizheng said." now large domestic garment factory widely used such as automatic cutting machine, automatic bag opening machine, automatic overlock machine, automation equipment, has been achieved semi automatic production. In the 'younger' workshop we can see in the world Circles the most advanced clothing production technology and equipment and production lines. "Germany" Esther "Shanghai Representative Office Technical Support LAN think, design and production of clothing in China has entered the stage of digital competition. The application of automation equipment for the" shortage of migrant workers "eased. However, self moving equipment to help enterprises solve not only labor problems. Improve the core competitiveness of enterprises" company to introduce the clothing automated cutting system, a production informant hand can save 1 / 3, which not only can solve the difficult problem of employment, a year down wages can save half. And with this at the same time automation production but also to enhance the accuracy of the product and improve the competitiveness of enterprises A yield to Chairman Wu zongjun. Yiwu Lianfa knitwear company to reporters calculate a sum accounts. In 2011, MediaTek company, high price and the introduction of the domestic and foreign first-class computer control dyeing and finishing, cutting processing equipment. And the younger, Shen Zhou and other high-end clothing enterprises are competing to purchase automatic placket machine production line, per person per day is the traditional mode of operation of 5 times, a machine can replace 4 machine 4. Only electric power to a sewing machine daily consumption of 5 degrees electricity, according to an annual 250 days standard work day calculation, a year can save 5000 degrees. Automation equipment has become enterprises to reduce costs, improve product quality and The use of uniform size, uniform standards, details are more close to perfection, making the quality of clothes will also be significantly improved, Fu Yanying told reporters, Dongguan textile industry association president Chen Yaohua also said that previously used manual may not do, and now the use of automated equipment can easily do, so that the product quality and added value, Actually can have computers to control the rhythm of the mode of operation. "Pacific garment senior management Mr. Zou said that after the purchase of automated sewing equipment, factory efficiency to enhance the nearly doubled. Hsiu is an ordinary employee of Pacific and in the workshop has three years of service. She tells a reporter, she had never thought of working in the factory for too long, ready to see the world went back to his hometown in Jiangxi to marry and have children." the boss to buy to automated production equipment, to solve the workers a lot of chores. Today, we need to do is to concentrate on operating the machine, picking, signature fill in numbers, counting the piece, turned packing, unpacking such chores all saved, in addition to The bathroom, our work is dedicated to the operation of the machine. "Xiu said that now work is very relaxed, not so tired. In fact, in the Pacific, intelligent equipment just replace the part of the production workshop workers. In comparison, in the smart of job shop workers although on piecework wage price than the traditional workshop to 20% lower, but a month's wages to each other more than 10 per cent of garment workers enjoy the benefits brought by the intelligent management." now, it seems, two years will be able to recover the purchase of equipment cost, income of the workers, as a result, all aspects are good. "Mr Chow said. Greater than the average consumer demand for understanding today's pace of life allows consumers to visit a clothing store before greatly reduced. When a consumer enters a 150 square meters or area clothing store, want to in a short period of time to find love and is suitable for their own best match, this really is not easy to do. July 13, Hangzhou Sen Digital Technology Co., Ltd. launched "3D interactive virtual fitting room". As long as consumers stand on the side of the big screen, then the virtual 3D version of the item of clothing, close to natural wear in the real self, and not need to depend on the move or touch screen, can often quickly to change clothes. Simply raise their hands pat gestures can according to the virtual button in the "virtual fitting room", change corresponding clothes, and like the clothes, put into a "virtual shopping cart", then pay can complete the entire transaction process. Through personalized, intelligent interactive experience, enterprises can will store clothing and collocation method, more emotionally and artistically presented to consumers. At the same time, through the realization of consumer shopping guide matching potential consumer, obviously increase the consumption correlation and improve the turnover of the average amount of consumption of individual consumers and the entity shop. Not only that, intelligent dressing mirror can help brand retailer Timely access to customer size data, personal preferences and other first-hand market information, for the future to better services to our customers to provide data to support. At present, some fashion shopping site has also been in the shopping mall using 3D virtual fitting software, optimists think this solves the online purchase of clothing can not try, science and technology to bring to life the super convenient. In this regard, China Electronic Commerce Research Center modaiqing analysts think, "3D interactive virtual fitting room" by implanting "elements of science and technology" to help apparel brands and retailers firmly lock Market women, like Apple released the iPhone and iPad series production technology Products, so that users have a depth of fashion, entertainment technology experience, easily lead to the trend of the brand, so as to promote the brand from the provision of information on the sale behavior, first raised to trust, and finally is expected to become a belief.

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