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    • The automation equipment industry is optimistic about the system integration and the foreign capital enterprise
    • Editor:Shanghai law yao machinery equipment co., LTD  Time:2015-7-11 21:26:21
    • Enterprises: to system integration oriented enterprises or cooperation with foreign enterprises. The former can give full play to the advantages of engineer bonus, R & D and production of nurturing the core components and ontology. The latter can exchange market for technology, directly related company stock trend LV Juan is expected to automation equipment industry overall growth is 10% - 15%, market share will rise steadily.

      Lu Juan said that the current automation equipment industry in our country is in the stage of "ideal fullness, the reality skinny", the prospect of automation equipment industry, the attractive, rising labor costs, promote industrial robot investment prospect is considerable; at the same time, in the capital market, robot hot topic also will continue to.

      However, the reality of the current automation equipment industry is the core components of the control of others, high purchase cost of the core parts of our country, robot cost price higher than the others, high priced purchase of raw materials, cheap to sell products, the precision reducer, servo system, control of industrial robot body three core parts, in addition, 90 percent of the market has been the monopoly of the international giants.

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