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    • To reduce the cost of construction machinery you need five tips
    • Editor:Shanghai law yao machinery equipment co., LTD  Time:2015-7-11 21:26:21
    • Construction machinery are large, the operation of nursing care will be damaged, the five big tips to teach you to reduce the cost of construction machinery.

      One, try to reduce the impact of harmful factors


      For the work in the environment, the conditions of the complex place of construction machinery, the first to use high quality, matching parts and lubricating oil, grease, the source of harmful impurities, and second to do the work site mechanical protection work, ensure that the appropriate body to work, to prevent various impurities into the machinery.

      2, applicable temperature

      Sick and found running under high temperature in the temperature and mechanical engineering in the use process, to prevent low temperature under overload operation, to ensure low pre stage of normal operation, the machine to reach the required temperature and then drive or work, not because it was not problems and ignore the important role; second, we must prevent the mechanical, mechanical operation process should always check the thermometer numerical problems immediately shut down for inspection, found fault timely excluded. For the moment can not find the reason, never can not treated still make the mechanical work. In the usual work, should pay attention to check the cooling system working status of water-cooled machine, daily work must be Check, add cooling water; on air-cooled machine, to regularly clean the dust on the air cooling system, ensure the cooling duct open.

      3, anti-corrosion

      In use, the management and operation of the air pollution in accordance with the local weather conditions, air pollution, to take effective measures to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on the mechanical, the focus is to prevent the intrusion of rain and air chemical composition of the machinery.

      Two, reasonable working load

      The size and property of the working load of construction machinery have important influence on the mechanical loss. Generally speaking, the wear of parts increases with the increase of load. When the load is higher than the average, the wear will be increased.

      To ensure that the normal operating load mainly depends on the use of construction machinery, one must pay attention to the maximum load can not be carried out under the condition of the machine. As the engineering machinery management personnel, in the specified operation personnel, to the operation manual, to control the mechanical properties and operating procedures, and should not arbitrarily put the relevant information. The action change radically.

      Three, scientific use of lubricating oil

      According to statistics, the failure of engineering machinery is caused by poor lubrication. Because of the precision of engineering machinery, good lubrication can keep the normal working space and suitable working temperature, so as to reduce the wear degree, reduce the wear degree, reduce mechanical failure. This is a reasonable choice.

      Four, timely maintenance, maintenance

      Mechanical engineering in use process will inevitably arise in a variety of fault. In these faults, the effect of some faults of mechanical equipment may is very small, some more serious, and even cause the plane crash accident. Experience has shown that, serious mechanical failure is often caused by a fault in the smaller. The reason lies in the neglect of small fault timely disposal. Therefore, to mechanical fault, regardless of size, should be timely to exclude, machinery so as to maintain the normal performance and reduce lead to the possibility of more serious faults.

      Five, technology and organization management should be correct.

      With the development of material science and technology, many new technologies, new materials, new structure, mechanical technology and management are more scientific and more perfect. This is the organization and management of construction machinery and operation personnel. This is to ensure the maintenance of machinery in transportation and storage. Two is to educate the operator to use and operate all kinds of engineering machinery to reduce and prevent the mechanical failure caused by four. Regular and non regular maintenance, maintenance of mechanical cleaning, clean, regular inspection of mechanical technology, found abnormal in a timely manner, for the loose and the imbalance of parts and components in a timely manner to tighten and adjust some of the vulnerable parts of the replacement and so on.

      Mechanical engineering is a high investment, high yield of equipment, the industry insiders know, want to earn more, as far as possible to reduce costs, reduce the cost related to mechanical engineering, machine, accessories, fuel consumption, and so on, so we still have to a lot of understanding of the relevant knowledge, in order to achieve a steelyard mind.

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